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Where it all begins

In all products where wood is used, only quality wood is used, such as oak, cherry and walnut.

This section is where the production process starts. Its function is to receive, organize and control the moisture and quality of the wood.
All wood is selected and prepared according to internal quality standards, thus eliminating most wood defects.

The company specializes in the use of wood veneer and counts on the great experience of its professionals in marquetry. All type of veneer is selected and separated by quality criteria, thus eliminating any type of defect.


Our production team consists of collaborators specialized in the manufacture and assembly of furniture, where they combine traditional methods of manufacture, with the most modern techniques, machinery and software.

The joinery section is responsible for:


  • treatment, processing and preparation of the selected components of natural woods and other derivatives

  • pre-assembly and assembly of the components according to the technical data sheet

  • Quality control after product assembly, where all functions and mechanical components are checked, as well as the general quality of the product.


The finish is the final part of the manufacturing process, and where the furniture gets its coloring and finishing touch.

Always at hand, the finish is done according to the customer's choice, depending on the collection's color choice. This section is also ready to make custom colors.

Traditional and current techniques are used to give the furniture a unique feel without compromising quality and touch.

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